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Victory Foundation is a youth led charitable organization with strong mentoring component. It was established in August, 2011 to build the capacity of our youth and prepares their minds for communal and national leadership roles as well as helps them develop basic entrepreneurial skills for effective participation in nation building. We provide a tailored leadership program for young people between the ages of 15-35.

The foundation uses a network of volunteers to encourage and stimulate the youth. Through our platform, young people have regular opportunities to interact with special guests, local and national leaders and others of public interest.Our leadership development drive is honed and nurtured through our training programs in leadership, social skills, public speaking and entrepreneurial skills which are required for effective leadership. Our vision is to see them grow and develop into thriving, productive and engaged adults. 

We also provide community sensitization on Irregular Migration, Health Implications of Substances Abuse, and Climate Change etc.Objective• Youth skill and career development• Youth sensitization drug abuse.• Youth awareness on the dangers of climate change.According to our definition of leadership which is the ability to transform ordinary people into extra –ordinary people, our vision is to bring young people together and transform them into positive agents of economic and social change.We have Projects which are tailored to meet this purpose

1. The potential Youth Magazine-a quarterly youth magazine designed to positively educate, inform and inspire the youth to aspire for greatness.

2. Youth Panel Discuss- To foster mutual understanding, respect and peaceful co-existence among youths within the Gambia.

3. Career Development Initiative –Our mentoring  and training program. It involves mentoring, career counseling and advice,training on entrepreneurship, leadership, human rights.

4. Youth Club- To create opportunity for interaction and reflection as well as encourage youth for youth problem solving approach.

5. Community Youth Sensitization-To build the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the youth as well as promote awareness on Human Rights, Irregular Migration, Health Implications of Substances Abuse, and Climate Change etc. 

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ADDRESS: Brusubi Estate Phase 1

Tel: 3724494(whatSapp)37244807320455 (French Line)



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