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GamDiary is an e-business startup, offering online directory services and sales platform to the home business community in The Gambia. As an online business service provider both web and mobile application step forward with its innovative features on multi-platforms (services) than a local traditional directory or other platform offering the same types but different in term of services provided.

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The Team

Our team members.

Ebrima Jatta

CEO & Co-Founder

study entrepreneurship at Bridge for Billion in Spain which is equal to Bachlore degree in entrepreneurship. Excellent skills in Marketing communication, study computer hardware and software engineering, currently studying International Open University pursuing a degree in Business Administration, gifty is a creative and articulate individual who brings so much innovative ideas on board. Motivated person with excellent work experience working for corporate organization with 10 year's experience in managing customers complain and very good team leader.

Seedy Saidkhan

Head Operation

He was working for corporate organization for the past 15 years

Binta Minteh

Head Incubation & Expansion

She been working for corporate organization for the past 10 years.

Fatou S Jatta

Head of Marketing & Communication

She is graduate in Political Science with over ten years work experience, well energetic young lady who possess interpersonal skills and also the ability to communicate effectively at all levels in any organization.She is able, enthusiastic and committed individual who has flexible approach to all undertaken, also a caring and helpful person who loves to meet various people with the ability to manage various workloads. She also possess an outgoing personality skill and can be able to work without supervision, self-motivated and with these qualities I intent to work at her best ability.

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